Section/Blocks/etc. parameter Hierarchy

I´m just checking out sections/blocks/etc. with CSS Grid and Flexbox.
Is there an overview of the parameter hierarchy? E.g. section width/blocks width. Does the lower hierarchy reference to the highest, or the next higher?
Sometimes it´s a little confusing e.g. which alignment applies etc.
And in some cases I get weird behaviour of blocks etc. when scaling down the browser window (just for tests).
Maybe there a some tutorials for clarification :slight_smile:
Thank you!


I just wanted to update my post. I can imagine, that some people didn´t get what I was referring to. I´ve found two videos that helped me to get clarity. In some points (e.g. alignment hierarchy) I still need to learn which one is above the other and makes the effect, I want to achieve.
So, here are the two videos:

(for some reason in the preview the first video is displayed but then it says it´s not available :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

The first one is from Websquadron // Bricks 101 sections containers & blocks)