SCSS Compiler in the "CSS" tab

is it possible to add a SCSS compiler within the class CSS tab? being able to nest css would be a game changer to simplify where css is stored on a website.


The only way I found was through the wp-codebox plugin and selected SCSS there.
Have you found another practical solution, mby without plugin?


bump! SCSS within the builder would be incredibly useful.

auto-closing brackets should be a no-brainer too

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Bumping this topic once more. I think SCSS is not just a game changer for things like nesting - which is still not supported natively by an acceptable amount of browsers - but also mixins, extends & partials.

Workarounds like WPCodeBox are ok, but having everything on one page with the builder would make things a lot easier. The Advanced Themer plugin is already doing this to a degree, but the performance is not the best, so I’m not sure, whether there are any technical limitations.

You could also use FTP + VSCode and compile files to CSS from there, but it requires additional set-up time and is also not as convenient.

Having SASS/SCSS inside the Bricks Builder would make building scalable & easily changeable designs a whole lot easier, so I’m all for it!

Bumping this one…please add this feature!