Sample Layout using Bricks

I try to mimic somewhat complex layouts when I start working with a page builder. I did this with Oxygen and beaver builder way back and then with elementor.

I gave it a run with Bricks to see where it was at in terms of usability.

I made a single page layout here: based off of a webflow-built website here:

Initial thoughts:

Bricks for being a version 1.x is REALLY quite good. It’s encouraging to know it will only get better. Personally, I don’t think I’ll run this on any client projects just yet. Could I? Yes but I think there is still a lot of rough edges to smooth out and features that need to be added before I’d consider it.

Building this layout was a real chore, more so than expected. But overall I was impressed with the building experience. I am impressed.

Mega Menu

It needs one. It’s great to see that it’s in focus for presumably next release.

Pseudo Selectors

I’m not a fan of the implementation as it currently stands. There are some complex targeting that the built-in Pseudo class function can’t target. Also, it’s not a great way to handle Pseudo selectors. I don’t know what the answer is to this. I had to write a lot more CSS for hover animations than anticipated as a result.

Complex Animation Support

A feature that’s needed and I’m sure on the roadmap.


I would love to see an exit animation feature, I think this is an open feature request

Editor Performance

Ran into the lag issue there. I can see how this would be frustrating during a build. There are some workarounds such as building out various sections as a template and including on a single page.


It would be nice to see SCSS support along with variables and such, functions, etc.

Again, very impressed with the current state of the product and looking forward to what new features and refinements are coming.