Romanian web design agency site without extensions

The whole site is created using only bricks and jet engine. The site was created without extensions and plugins for Bricks. Website link:


Very nice. Congrats :sunglasses:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

How did you do the floating menu? It disappears when you scroll down, and appears when you scroll up.

Please let me know as I’m trying to incorporate that on my design without using third party plugins. Thank you!

And awesome site btw. Simple, clean and we’ll designed.


Is a header section settings. You can set sticky header and set in PX sticky up after. And you can style your header and logo on scroll.

Really nice website – I especially love the clever photos with the subjects sitting cross-legged. Unique and memorable.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Soon I will add animation for better UX, now I develope my library for animation. GSAP is massive and not optimized.

Nicely done, very clean. Love it!

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Thanks for your feedback :wink: