Road Map - change Log - New Documentation

With the new site for Bricks, did this get dropped or was it moved.

There used to be a history list - a change log and now I can’t find it.

For awhile, some videos were being posted of changes and new features.

It would be really helpful if items with the latest changes were flagged somehow in the documentation and they could be filtered by version date.

Are you referring to this page? Releases – Bricks

Things basically moved into separate blog posts for each release rather than one single continuous page. I think that’s why you were not finding it so easily. But the page above is the archive page for all the release blogs posts.

Thank you for the link. I don’t find it in my account page which has the link for the road map which is where it was before. I see this now in the menu for the general visitor.

Maybe we could add a link on the account page but now that you pointed it out I know where to find it.