Revamping my Homepage :

Hello Guys,
Not long ago i was making a new Website for my business with Elementor, i was almost finished but then i saw some youtube videos about Bricks and i had to try it. I was frustrated as i saw my Elementor Website having 67% on pagespeed :smiley: so ridiculous!
So 2 days ago i bought Bricks because i saw how fast it could be.
Now i revamped the first side of my website and it ranks about 95-98% on Google Pagespeed.
Just crazy!!
Transit from Elementor to Bricks was pretty easy, lot of stuff makes sense and seems to work better, faster and smoother. Also the Global Settings are ver great.
Well i guess i still have a lot to learn or to find out

So the side is still being on development

Maybe you can enjoy it and give some constructive Feedback

What i really want to know is if disabling google fonts really make a big difference?
i loaded my google font in custom fonts

Thanks in advance and thanks to the bricks team for this great job!
Best Greetz

Overall feeling/ambient is nice, but it is often too cramped. IMO, it needs more white space and less elements that are screaming for attention all at the same time.

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Hello @LjLj
Thanks for your great analysis. Your are right there may be too much informations at the same time.
I will see what i can improve
Best greetz

Hey @Frencharme
can you explain how you did the boxes which move a bit when hovering?

Thank you

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