Restaurant site built on Bricks template

Hello All,

I have just noticed a Call To Action in the Facebook group to showcase our Bricks sites.

So here is mine, a restaurant site built with Bricks and mostly used the Sizzle templates for it. This site was migrated from the pre-container version.

Awaiting feedback from you guys! :slight_smile:

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Nice work.

Would you mind if I ask about the WhatsApp button on the site?

What is the name of the plugin?

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It’s the free version of WP Chat App

Appreciate it.

Thanks, Man! :smiley::smiley:
Looking forward to seeing your next project created with Bricks.

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Hi. Really fast site. I’m wondering how you made that lightbox menu. The CSS class indicates it’s a Bricks lightbox. But Bricks only offers image and video lightboxes. How did you get that menu in there?

Hi @MonkeyJedi. Thank you for your feedback.

It’s using Gloria Food for the food ordering system. That button, lightbox and menu is being generated via shortcodes using their plugin.