Restaurant site built on Bricks template

Hello All,

I have just noticed a Call To Action in the Facebook group to showcase our Bricks sites.

So here is mine, a restaurant site built with Bricks and mostly used the Sizzle templates for it. This site was migrated from the pre-container version.

Awaiting feedback from you guys! :slight_smile:


Nice work.

Would you mind if I ask about the WhatsApp button on the site?

What is the name of the plugin?

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It’s the free version of WP Chat App

Appreciate it.

Thanks, Man! :smiley::smiley:
Looking forward to seeing your next project created with Bricks.

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Hi. Really fast site. I’m wondering how you made that lightbox menu. The CSS class indicates it’s a Bricks lightbox. But Bricks only offers image and video lightboxes. How did you get that menu in there?

Hi @MonkeyJedi. Thank you for your feedback.

It’s using Gloria Food for the food ordering system. That button, lightbox and menu is being generated via shortcodes using their plugin.

Very nice…

One thing I’d consider is making the font darker for text here:


It looks really nice, I like the classic overall look and feel. I also created a restaurant site just recently, using Bricks + WooCommers + Orderable

The logo in the navigation bar is not showing for me: