REQUEST Nestable accordion icon rotate

it will be a good idea to make the icon on the accordion title to rotate facing down in order to indicate that the specific tag is open, im testing this on version 1.9.8-beta


This is already there.

Just go to the Title and select the Icon Expanded entry.

on regular accordion is fine

On nestable accordion is not implemented
maybe adding some css i can get it done


i got it to work adding some css to target the class with name .brx-open, that gets added once the title tab gets clicked, and i make it rotate 90deg:

Ah you didn’t specify nestable or not in your original post.

I agree it would be nice to have the same icon options for the nestable element. Perhaps you could raise an Idea for it?

Here is the code in case anyone wants to know. Put this in the Custom CSS for the nestable accordian.

.brxe-icon {
  transition: all 0.2s; 

.brx-open .brxe-icon {
  transform: rotate(90deg);

Note that %root% before the selectors does not work on the nestable accordian in Bricks v1.9.8.

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rotete will delay, have any method to solve it? bro


You might need javascript if you want to rotate on click rather than the CSS selector. I’m not sure.