Request for beta on every release

Just to account for timezone differences, would it be possible even for the smaller point updates, to put out a beta? Maybe just for one day, if it’s a tiny update, before the actual release?

Could just be a link in this developer forum, before it’s announced just to give us access for testing.

(The v1.8.1 announcement came out about 2am Sydney time, so it was impossible for us to be able to test ahead of some users updating their theme until we woke up a few hours later)


Totally agree. Feel for the developers of add-ons when these things break functionality. Users probably don’t need a beta for small releases, but makes sense to post even a “nightly” build or something for developers perhaps or at least like you said the day or two before it’s to be released so it can be tested.

As a user of some of the Bricks add-ons, I support the add-on developers to have early access to new Bricks releases, whatever form that early access takes. I had wondered whether there was some type of access agreement so the add-on developers can locate and fix any impact. Or perhaps the need could be met via procedural understanding: Those of us using add-ons wait 1-2 days for the add-on developers to go through their testing cycles, or we install on testing sites if desired to locate any problems.

Yes, I think that’s absolutely necessary for all (at least) major add-on devs. I hope that Bricks team finds a way to give pre-access to all of you, David!

For us users it would help significantly to ensure that updating our Bricks sites will be way smoother.

Speaking only for myself of course, but I am quite sure that nearly everyone is willing to wait a few days longer for updates to be launched, if the update processes are running smooth and without any issues!