Remove .brxe-post-content container for Bricks content


What about removing post element’s .brxe-post-content container on frontend for Bricks content?

This container is actually (small) bloat and inconsistent with general Bricks page content.

It is also interfering a bit with page styling, but this is another story: CSS links styling is a bit invasive.

For instance, I have a page template with page header section and post content element.
So, for most static pages (those using this template), my Bricks content is nested inside .brxe-post-content.

But for my homepage and others, I don’t use the page template since I need a different header or hero title, etc.
Here, content is not nested inside .brxe-post-content container.

In the end, there’s some kind of inconsistency between all Bricks contents.

For WP content, I guess the container can be useful to target content and adapt style or other stuff, since Gutenberg content does not follow Bricks content tags/structure/classes, but for Bricks, I can’t find a use case where it is really needed.

And if we actually need to globally target/encapsulate some specific Bricks content (CPT, post…), we can manually nest it inside a custom container, anyway.

What do you think?

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