Release - Bricks 1.7.2

Bricks 1.7.2 is now available as a one-click update from your WordPress dashboard :partying_face:

It comes with 30+ changes and lots of impressive new features & improvements.

Full changelog entries with more details:


  • Structure panel: Copy & paste all elements (to & from the clipboard)
  • Form element: Send confirmation email
  • New “Lightbox ID” setting to group images under one lightbox
  • Updated Photoswipe, our lightbox library, to the latest version (5.3.7)
  • Video element: New “Preview image” setting to properly lazy load YouTube & Vimeo videos
  • Video element: Support unlisted Vimeo via the new “Privacy hash” setting
  • Heading element: New “Custom tag” setting (plus dynamic data support)
  • Shortcode element: New “Disable render in builder” setting
  • Taxonomy element: New “Disable links” setting
  • Add body classes to a page (via page settings)
  • New dynamic data filter “:plain”
  • New dynamic data tag: term_count
  • New dynamic data tag: term_slug
  • New action hooks: bricks/query/before_loop & bricks/query/after_loop

What’s next?

We will release Bricks 1.8 beta as a manual download this month for you to test & provide feedback to help us ship the best possible 1.8.

It will include the new menu builder (nestable navigation for desktop & mobile menu, dropdowns, offcanvas, toggles, etc.) :fire: