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Release - Bricks 1.3.6

NEW RELEASE: BRICKS 1.3.6 :partying_face:

After the massive 1.3.5 update this one was supposed to be a quick hotfix release, but it turned into so much more.

This release contains 30+ changes and 7 new features that we’ll explore in more detail in this release post.

Full 1.3.6 changelog entry: Changelog – Bricks

Template & Theme Style: “Exclude” Condition

You can now set “Exclude” conditions for your Bricks templates & theme styles.

Let’s say you want to show your header on your “Entire website”, but exclude it from showing on a specific page. All you have to do is set your first condition to “Entire Website”. Then create a second condition where you enable the new “Exclude” checkbox & select the page you want the template to be excluded from.

New “Basic Text” & “Rich Text” Elements

The “Text” element has been renamed “Rich Text”, and lets you add headings, and media, too.

For one-liner texts & links, you can use the new “Basic Text” element.

Admin Bar: Quick Edit Links

Hover over the “Edit With Bricks” links to reveal quick edit links to your header/content/footer template of the current page/post. Plus “Bricks Settings” & “Bricks Templates” admin screens.

Builder: HTML & CSS Code Completion (via Emmet)

Improved workflow by writing HTML & CSS code in Bricks faster thanks to expanding abbreviations & tag pair marking/renaming via Emmet.

How to expand HTML abbreviations: Cheat Sheet
How to expand CSS abbreviations: CSS Abbreviations

Responsive Background Videos

Background videos in Bricks are now automatically calculated & updated for every device. You can, and should, set the background video aspect ratio (default is 16:9).

Pseudo-Elements: Add “Content” Support To ::Before & ::After

In addition to the newly introduced CSS class-based styling in Bricks 1.3.5 you can now add the “content” property via ::before and ::after pseudo-elements.

What’s Next?

We’ll now continue with the development of the highly anticipated Custom Loop Builder, WooCommerce Builder (Phase #2), and the ability to remove jQuery.

Off to the next release,
Thomas & team