Release - Bricks 1.3.5

NEW RELEASE: BRICKS 1.3.5 :partying_face:

First of all, many thanks to everyone who has provided feedback for the 1.3.5 beta we released last Saturday :ok_hand:

CSS-class-based styling

One of our most requested features ever (1100+ upvotes) is now available in Bricks. Creating, styling, and adding your own CSS classes to your elements. All visually, right inside the builder.

Styling via pseudo-classes (element states) & pseudo-elements (element parts)

Prior to version 1.3.5, you were only able to style the “hover” state in Bricks.

We’ve completely overhauled the state styling in Bricks. You can now edit any element state (pseudo-class). Pseudo-class is the technical term in CSS for an element state (such as hover).

By default Bricks comes with a :hover, :active, and :focus state. Bricks lets you add your own pseudo-classes (such as :visited). No problem.

You can also style specific parts of an element such as the ::first-letter of heading or the ::first-line of a paragraph. Those two leading colons (::) indicate a so-called pseudo-element in CSS.

You can now create those pseudo-elements right inside the builder through the same pseudo menu that you are using to manage & assign your pseudo-classes.

Make sure to check out the article linked below. It includes a walkthrough of the new pseudo-classes & pseudo-elements feature in Bricks, together with resources to learn more about those two concepts, and a full list of available & browser-supported pseudo keywords.

Toolset Integration

Good news for all Toolset ( users: Bricks now integrates with Toolset. Bringing the list of dynamic data providers to five: ACF, Metabox, Pods, CMB2, and Toolset.

Another highlight is the ability to render Bricks data inside the “Post Content” element.

Bricks 1.3.5 comes with a lot more changes, though. But I think the ones above are the highlights. Make just to check out the official changelog entry for a complete list of all 60+ changes:

The free Bricks playground is now running on 1.3.5 as well.


I’ve always loved the idea to grow the Bricks team with actual customers. November 1st exactly that happened.

We’ve partnered up with @timmse (Stefan Timmenberger from :de:), who I think needs no introduction. Stefan is now officially helping the Bricks community in the forum & Facebook group. With more involvement planned in the coming months …

What’s Next?

We are now working on the custom query loop builder, and WooCommerce builder phase #2. Plus the ability to remove jQuery from your site as part of our ongoing effort of performance improvements.

We hope you enjoy this release,
Thomas & team