Recreate Menu, tips?

Hey :slight_smile:

i want to recreate the menu from this site:

Does anyone have tips how to do this?

Maybe with multiple menus?



This can give you an idea of how to recreate the menu. It is for Oxygen, but works in Bricks as well.
(14) Custom Dropdown Megamenu In WordPress Using Oxygen - YouTube
The only thing that I have to add is custom CSS for submenu container width.
This is for submenu container:
root {width: 400px;}
Change number accordingly… This is the only way (that I find) to make it wider than the parent container.

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you don’t need multiple menus. It is only one regular menu with parent and sub items.

The “easiest” way is to style the entire menu with with custom css and the result will be very similar to the example. To be honest, there is some work to do and it depends on your css skills - but it’s absolutely possible with css only.

If you have any specific questions, just ask for it and i will try to help.

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Hey Timmse, thank you! When i start the project i try it with css and maybe come back to your offer :slight_smile: