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Recommend Bricks Lazy Load functionality over WP Rocket Lazy Load functionality?

I’m just curious what people recommend or prefer when using a performance tool such as WP Rocket (or any really) with their own lazy load functionality built-in. Do you prefer to use Brick’s lazy load functionality, or the tool’s lazy load functionality? Is there an advantage to using Bricks’ built-in lazy load for example instead of WP Rocket’s lazy load? Is one better than the other, generally speaking?

As I’m aware that both cannot be enabled at the same time (it often causes issues when both are lazy loading), it made me wonder which one I should perhaps use over the other for that particular function. On one hand, I would just assume WP Rocket’s implementation would be preferred because performance is literally all that plugin focuses on, however I’d also suspect Brick’s implementation could be better since it’d be from the theme developer therefore possibly more compatible / less issues? Not sure. Looking for some feedback on that front.

Hey @d19dotca

This is my take on it; perhaps one of the team from Bricks may think otherwise.

I would use WP Rocket or any other plugin that specializes in this. For example, I have Litespeed and also Ewww that offer this.

The reason behind this is I believe, is that Bricks currently uses WP’s native lazy-loading capability, which is not great at the moment. This is because it lazy loads all images and videos, including above the fold (anything you see on a page when it first loads before the user scrolls are called ‘above the fold’).

However, the issue with this is that it affects recent CWV (core web vitals) and UI because it is too aggressive. When the page loads, the image is not present until the rest of the page is ready, then it adds the image, which causes the page layout to shift, which is what affects CWV.

So some specialists who focus on lazy loading know to not include the image above the fold through various means, which current bricks do not have the capability yet.

There was an article, and WP has recognized this too, and they are working on a more advanced version, but I cannot find the article, sorry.

So this will eventually come to Bricks via WP updates anyway.

But at the moment, I suggest using another (and remember, they are not all the same, test a few out and then test the loading speed on GTMetrix to see which has the better impact) :+1:


Yes, I’m definitely in agreement with that, it makes sense to me and was kind of my thought process too. I definitely am of the mindset of keeping performance-related tasks the responsibility of the performance plug-in/tool instead of the theme. My main “oh wait” moment was more around possible compatibility concerns or things like that. But I suspect that’s a non-issue or will be for the foreseeable future at least. Thanks for the input, Michael! :slight_smile:

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@d19dotca My pleasure mate :+1:

I think as long as you turn it off inside bricks, you should be fine with regards to any conflicts. But again test a couple out to see which performs the best, is the best way :slight_smile: