Rebuild of WotLK Classic Site

Hello Bricks Community,
as a little side project i did a nearly identical rebuild of the german WoW Classic website in Bricks Builder. This is also my first website that uses Bricks as a builder with a bit of custom css. Hope it is ok to post something like that here.
Here is the link to the site:


100% this is the type of post for the forum :slight_smile:

If you do have a few minutes to spare it would be awesome to get your thoughts on how you found it (I noticed you posted it in FB group too and mentioned it was your first time using Bricks), especially for new users or those considering buying Bricks.

  • How was the overall experience compared to your normal builder
  • What were the biggest challenges
  • what was your favourite thing you most enjoyed
  • what was the thing you least enjoyed

Looks great and a fun site to recreate :slight_smile:

Thanks Philipp

Hi Michael,
thanks, im happy to help:

I found Bricks through Oxygen Group. Was a heavy Oxygen user before.

  1. Compared to Oxygen, Bricks is faster and feels more efficient. (Less clicks, you can change pages/templates inside the builder fast).

  2. Im still testing, so far no real challenges. But it would be nice to have an advanced mobile / mega menu functionality inside Bricks. It would be a great QoL change, for me at least.

  3. Overall i just like the usability and fast loading times of the Bricks Builder. Version 1.5 with sections and divs is great too.

  4. I actually have not much to dislike. I mean there are so many things in progress for the builder. I would say all the things on the roadmap “Next” and “In Progress” would be great to have and this would definitely set Bricks apart from the others.

Overall it was a great experience! Love Bricks and will definitely use it on future projects.


Great rebuild, all in all great work👍 love it