Quirks with iOS #1 - background hero image missing or highly pixelated

I’ve built several websites that look good on Windows, with Firefox, Chrome & Edge browsers, also Firefox on Ubuntu, and Firefox and Chrome on Android mobile.

However, on iOS, my own tablet and on other people’s tablets, the background ‘hero’ image doesn’t show, or else appears as an ultra-zoomed in highly pixelated image.

My iPad is old, although working fine it cannot be updated to the latest iOS or apps, but the same happens with other people’s more current iPads & iPhones.

It’s browser independent as it happens in Safari, Opera, Firefox, in iOS.

I’ve tried googling, but no obvious answers, so far. Based on ‘similar issue’ suggestions, I’ve switched off lazy load on Bricks settings & installed the WP lazy load disabler. This has not helped.

It seems to be not ‘seeing’ the background image, either when in a section or when in a container. It does ‘see’ the overlay colour, or not if I delete it.

I’ve attempted scrolling, and fixed.
I’ve attempted using % instead of vh, etc.

Anyone have answers, suggestions, or is it a bug if Bricks configures things that iOS doesn’t like?

general iOS issue.

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I discovered an app called Blisk during my searches. I’m not connected or affiliated to them in any way.

I downloaded it today, and I’m blown away with it. According to their emulations, everything works properly in iOS devices.

Looks like the answer is to have current devices with up-to-date software.