Query Sort, Filter feedback

Hi bricks team,

The Query Sort, Filter feature is very well implemented but needs several updates to mature. This was a strong start to the feature. In the following, I tried to point out everything that is needed for this feature to mature. I have also mentioned its bugs. Although there are very few bugs.


1- In the selection filter, the placeholder typography does not work.

2- In the radio filter, if the Hide empty option is enabled and there is no option to display, the all option will still be displayed in this filter.

3- This is not a bug, but it might be better to remove the old filter element from the elements panel if the new filters are active.

Missing filter elements

1- Visual filter element (to display color or even image of products)

2- Active filters element (to display filters that are active)

3- Switcher filter element

4- Alphabet filter

5- rating filters element

Important missing features

1- auto re-indexing filters (like jet smart filters)
2- filter loading metod > reload - ajax - mixed
3- Scroll for checkbox and radio filters (For example, if the number of items in a filter is more than 5, vertical scrolling will be active)
4- Button mode for checkbox filters (Currently this feature is only available in the radio fitter)
5- Horizontal scrolling for button mode (in mobile, they will be scrollable horizontally)
6- More/Less button for radio and checkbox filters (like wp-gridbuilder)
7- Custom icon for search filter. like this
8- remove button after searching in the search filter. like this
9- The possibility of further customization in the selec filter. like this. Currently, this color is not controllable and user-friendly.
10- Change Count option for filters (As each filter is activated, the count in other filters is updated based on the active filter. Jet smart filters plugin has this feature)
11- reset filter button: Hide if no filter is active.
12- reset filter button: disabled style (If no filter is enabled, the reset button is visible, but has a different color and is not clickable. like this)
13- Ability to disable the β€œall” option in the radio filter.
14- New dynamic data to display the number of active filters. like this
15- Changing the url with the activation of filters

Small but useful features that are currently missing.

1- Customization of checkboxes and radio buttons (size, border, tick icon color and checked style)
2- Prefix and Suffix for count like jet smart filters : screenshot
3- Style options for count (padding, border and background color) : screenshot
4- Margin control for count (Using this control, we can place the counters in a column if desired, keeping the auto value in mind. Like this screenshot)

5- Complete options to customize the style in the Range element. The jet smart filters plugin is very powerful in this case and provides us with many customization options. Please check the jet smart filters plugin customization options in this case.



I fully support it :+1:

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Good List!

My priority-list would be:

  1. Sync filter state to URL so that Filters can work:
    - with page reload (without Javascript)
    - with AJAX (with Javascript)

    This will allow to share a filtered view only by sharing the URL.

  2. Add a way to Show Active Filter