Query loop showing post data based on condition

Hi there!

I’m working on a site for a client, that has 2 types of events - recurring and one-time events.
All events have their own post type, and they have different ACF fields, along with the radio button to choose if it’s one-time or recurring.

I’m building a filterable query loop, and trying to show only acf fields for the events - for recurring it’s day of the week and hour and one-time’s a date and hour. I can’t find any kind of conditional settings for the fields that are supposed to show up, is there any way I can say:
if the event is recurring → show day of the week
if the event is one-time → show the date

Thanks a lot for any guidance or suggestions,

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Did you find a solution? I am also struggeling with querying recuring events.

use {query_results_count} for condition count loop