Query Loop preset/template

Not sure if this is already requested, because I could not find anything yet, but just saw a video from Kevin Geary about excluding items from query loops. There was one feature I did not know I missed, that he also misses: query loop presets.

How great would it be if you could save the settings of your query loop, create new elements and paste the saved settings in the new query loop. This way you do not have to repeat yourself a couple of times with editing the same settings. It would be even better if it can work like templates. If I change one query loop with a certain ‘preset’ or ‘template’ name, it changes for every query loop with the same name. If you then need to alter loops, it is not so difficult. Just one place and all changes if wanted!


Make the loop a global element? I think that would put the query settings on all instances of the element but I don’t know for sure? I’m just not at my computer for a while to test that.

when global components come we will have that.

WE WILL HAVE EVERYTHING with global components :rofl:
cant wait.

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Yes and no haha! Because what I mean is that the element will become very different. For instance, one query loop will be with cards, while the other will be with just links. So it is not a one on one copy of the element. If you watch the video, you know what I mean!

Yeah? Not sure about that but maybe it will! Haha

well if we can save any section as a global component that means yes anything goes :grin:

we will break bricks with that feature for sure. it will be fun.

specially when making very big sites for corporations global components are a must at this point

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Advanced Themer has a query loop manager now

Jet Engine can do the job, but it’s a bit buggy. I created a query loop with my template, and it looks okay, but I can’t change the number of posts displayed. The pagination component also has some design limitations.