Query Loop Posts per page - removing a default value or override default with dynamic data

[Bricks ver 1.8.6]
I am having challenges with the Query Loop and especially the Meta Query. However, I can’t seem to diagnose the Meta Query issues because there is a default “Pages per post” Query Loop setting that I can’t figure out how to disable.

In my instance, the “posts per page” defaults to 10. I am trying to create a Meta Query to limit the return to only posts with a future date. However, every time I attempt to use the Meta Query, the 10 posts per page appears to override the Meta Query.

I’ve tried resetting the posts per page value and the # of posts displayed responds accordingly; however, I won’t always know how many posts will occur in the future dynamically.

Is there a way to disable the “posts per page” so that the Meta Query can work properly?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @DWalls,

not sure I understand you correctly. But if you always want to return all the posts that match your criteria you can just set the posts per page setting to -1.

Let me know if that helps.