Query Loop For Just Parent Posts


How do you ignore child posts in query loop?

i have posts with parent/child relations and the query loop filters both parent and child.

i require a filter to show only the parent posts

Any ideas appreaciated as always


Also looking for a nice solution for this (without needing to use CTP categories for parent CPT templates).

Best way would be to have a setting in Bricks template conditions: “only use for parents”

@timmse This is how Oxygen does it:

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I would like an answer for this. Maybe next version release?

Still waiting unfortunately

Any query that needs parameters like ‘post_parent’ that aren’t included in the Bricks settings, the way to add it in is to use Bricks’ filters to create your own query and add it in as a new option.

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Child of = 0

That should ensure that only the posts that are not children are returned.