Provide section and container-level typography controls for links

Currently, we have typography controls and section and container level, but it doesn’t apply to links. In sections using a dark background, we would typically want the links to be a different color than in sections with lighter backgrounds. The ability to set link typography (at least color, hover color and active color) at section level and container level (potentially also block level and div level) would be a great feature to have.


I ran into this issue just today.

Is it possible to create a link control tab in the style pane that mimics the Global Links styling tab like so?

Update: I searched the Idea Board and didn’t see anything that resembled it so I submitted one there called:
“Style Links Area Needed: A Style pane that mimics the Global Links styling area”.

If it is accepted after review then it should be searchable.


It’s up. I just voted for it.


Does anyone know about any workaround for this as I’m struggling with this issue currently.

I just created my own classes to handle this. Far more control and options available.

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Thanks! Worked like a charm!