Product filters for woocommerce and generated url improvement


Could you impove the the filters section?

  • Reload page after every filter selecting. (AJAX would be better)
  • Price filter is horrible. I have to give from-to prices and its not automated. If in the future i upoload a new product that has lower or higher price than i set in price filter, it will be not working.
  • The generated filter url is not “eyecandy”… :smiley:[0]=92&min_price=1000&max_price=397922

Vote on it here:

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Yes, i voted on the past… :smiley: But nothing. :smiley:
The feature request’s date: March 23, 2021

I tried again now, here… :smiley:

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Well, this is what you and me both need. I hope we get it soon! I think this is more important than ‘Password-Protect Entire Site’ feature, but even that has more votes!

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Yes, yes and yes! :smiley: