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Hello there,

Right now I am running into issue wether I should use a Filter Plugin or the Posts Widget. I like the “fluidness” of the Posts widget, but have troubles to style Taxonomies.

For example:
I have different Terms and I want to show them in single Brackets like [Family] [Journey] [Adventure]. Right now Tax’ are shown this way: Family, Journey, Adventure

The second Question:
The Default “All” Filter seems to be translated in System Language. Since The website is supposed to be in German the Label needs to be “Alle”. The backend and system language has to stay English.

I will show both issues in a picture below:

On the 2nd One is a Custom Query Loop with Search&Filter Pro. It works but the way it works looks and feels outdated since I can’t find much solutions to style the Filter. But there you can see how the Taxonomies look like.

If you can call out a well working Filter Plugin (FacetWP is to Expensive) I would appreciate.

Thanks in advance.


I’m looking in to this as well. No support for now.


“Filtering” is becoming my fav topic.

First to your question, you can use either a filter called “prefix_facet_choices” or a filter called “replace_facet_content” in GridbuilderWP to exactly do what you want to do with the [Filtername]:

Now to my personal filter experience.

I first used Search&Filter Pro, but I also felt it is outdated. At least thanks to cmstew we can use it in Bricks:

At the moment, I am using PiotnetGrid (PG) and most recently GridbuilderWP (GB).

I have re-done my site with GB as I think it has the slightly nicer interface than PG and as it is faster in the back-end than PG. Both tools are very stable and fast in the front-end.

Here is an example from my site, all done with GB:

If you know a little bit of css, you can make it look really nice.

GB is working perfectly with the Bricks native query loop. PG also works in general, but I had some issues which I could not solve (for example infinity scrolling with PG facet and bricks query loop). But the grids from PG work well in Bricks, so I used them instead of the Bricks native query.

The advantage of PG over GB is that PG offers a very reasonable life-time purchase ($119 lifetime, 100 sites), where GB does only offer annual ($49 per year, 1 site).

I do like the open architecture of PG and I managed to write my own widgets for that tool. That’s why I still keep it around.

The PG support is quick and together we managed to improve even one of their widgets. I did not have to use the GB support, so I don’t know about them.

Overall, I find GB to be my number 1 filtering tool at the moment because of the very good integration with Bricks.

PG is on second place due to the not yet perfect Bricks integration.

Search&Filter Pro is also still there, due to the good price point and because it works now thanks to cmstew.



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