Posts Query Loop: Hierachical term ordering / separation?


Currently, the terms just spit out apparently in alphabetical order, regardless of hierarchy.

Example 1 (child, parent ordering):

Example 2 (parent, child ordering):

We need to display the terms in their hierarchical order, with a “breadcrumb” type symbol between them - e.g., Media & Communications ▸ Media.

I have thought of a couple of ideas (however I don’t know how to achieve either…). Order of preference would probably be:

  1. “Filter” the dynamic field to only show either parent or child terms, and create two elements; one for each term.

  2. Force a reordering of them to be hierarchical.

Thank you!!

PS - I have seen some posts about doing similar things—but these use the Terms loop; and also the solutions are somewhat convoluted/varied. But here they are for reference: