Post content does not render from templates

Bricks Version:
Browser: Chrome latest
OS: macOS
URL: local build

Why do i think this is a bug? Adding post content(inner content in Oxygen) works, but the same setup but using add post-content in Bricks does not.


  1. Install Bricks latest
  2. Install buddyboss platform (free plugin)
  3. Buddyboss - Page - Members : make sure this is created
  4. Buddyboss - tools - import members data

5. With no templates created click on the ‘members’ page link, you should see a grid of members displayed
6. Create a site wide template in Bricks which wraps the post content with a container(simple just for testing)
7. Refresh the members page, and nothing will show!

A similar setup in Oxygen works just fine, so curious what is different that is not working

ok using a code block and calling the_content() resolves the issue for me. I just wish the post_content element worked seamlessly.

Hey karthik,
sorry that I haven’t answered yet. Problems in connection with (unknown) plugins usually need a relatively long time to reproduce or understand. But I have saved the post, so I can look in again occasionally and with enough time.

I’m glad you found a workaround in the meantime!

Best regards,

There is a related problem, in that the page members/member-name (managed by BuddyBoss) is not directly targetable using the ones available in the template conditions.