Popup NOT lazy load

Hello guys.

I’m having an issue with popup performance. Not sure if I’ve set it wrong or there’s a bug with lazy load. Anyway:


  • I create a popup following this tut: Popup Builder – Bricks Academy
  • With a popup sit in a sibling/ child of a Query
  • Set interaction to a sibling → to display popup on click.
  • Obviously the said elements are wayyyyy above fold → which should be Lazy-loaded
  • However, all popup’s images are loaded when I first visit the website.


  • Popup’s images are loaded as soon as the website is loaded, although, they should be Lazy-loaded


WHAT I TRIED (and Failed):

  • Attribute: loading; value: lazy - to each popup’s image → no help.
  • Try to display: none; visible: hidden the popup → no help
  • The only possible solution is using AJAX to load popup’s content → But AJAX is toooo slow. It takes forever to load the popup → no help.

Can anyone help?