Popup Modal with single product in Archive page (loaded by ajax without page refresh)

Does anybody makes a popup with single product by ajax ?
as example

You are searching like this

It is built with the bricks popup builder.

this is exactly what I spent a whole week on but could not do
big thank you man!!!

oh i see, its an addon for bricks!
do i need only Bricks – AJAX Popup Addon or bricks ultimate too?

No. Bricks – AJAX Popup Addon has the same functionality. You do not need the BricksUltimate. I built it and it is compatible with WP Grid Builder or other filter plugins.

but does it has worked variables?
i found 2 guys in local chats who has tried this and they told that this variables not working in ajax popup

can someone confirm, that variables will works in this case?
where i can view it? do u have demo website?

Yes. It is working. I shall make the video and show you.

I can confirm that It was a bug and they were correct. I fixed it in the new version.

Here is demo video

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thank you!! so what i need, only AJAX Popup Addon or full ultimate ?

Only AJAX Popup Addon if you are just looking for the AJAX action.

If you need any other things, then you can go for the BricksUltimate.