Popup builder: using dynamic data from query loop

I know we just get the Popup builder, but… I have the following scenario: query loop with data for stores. I would like to open the popup with the map for each store. Is there a way to “send” the address to the popup? Thanks.

Hi @tole011,

Are you stores coming from a CPT of your own or from an ecommerce plugin? If a plugin, specify which one?

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JetEngine Custom Post Type.

if it helps, BricksExtras has this built in. It’s different to Bricks’ Popup, as the modal element can be placed inside of a query loop and the content be populated with dynamic data, for exactly this purpose.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll try to find a solution without addons and plugins.

Hey @tole011 did you ever find a solution?

Yes. You can find more info here: Popup Builder – Bricks Academy (bricksbuilder.io)