Popup builder: using dynamic data from query loop

I know we just get the Popup builder, but… I have the following scenario: query loop with data for stores. I would like to open the popup with the map for each store. Is there a way to “send” the address to the popup? Thanks.

Hi @tole011,

Are you stores coming from a CPT of your own or from an ecommerce plugin? If a plugin, specify which one?

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JetEngine Custom Post Type.

if it helps, BricksExtras has this built in. It’s different to Bricks’ Popup, as the modal element can be placed inside of a query loop and the content be populated with dynamic data, for exactly this purpose.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll try to find a solution without addons and plugins.

Hey @tole011 did you ever find a solution?

Yes. You can find more info here: Popup Builder – Bricks Academy (bricksbuilder.io)

Didn’t really get how to do that from this link, can you point me more clearly on how to achieve this?


In case someone else will wonder this. You need to add the template and select that template to be a popup that you have created.

This is the part you need - Popup Builder – Bricks Academy.