Please put the template icon back on the structure side

Moving the template icon to the left side is counterintuitive. Adding templates is a structure change and it should be on the right where it used to be. This location makes no sense.

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It is a mater of preferences, definitely not a bug :slight_smile:

IMHO, I find this new order much more convenient and logical as I often tend to edit these two elements during the the same process.

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It was more of a feature request, but they don’t allow those for beta items.

I have never felt the need to get on my high horse about Thomas Ehrig and Bricks Builder getting it wrong.

But moving the templates icon to the left away from the structure panel is such a bad UI, not only does it invalidate my own user doc’s.

Also all of those You Tube contributors who have spent hours & hours on content. To promote the builder and help users, it also invalidates all the content on the bricks academy

Using a pagination icon for the UNDO icon is totally wrong as well

Thomas please revert the icons

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The template icon move is definitely going to take some adjusting to muscle memory. I feel the reason for the move is to keep utilities and tools on the right side and keeping anything related to elements, styling, or project settings on the left side.

But, I will definitely agree on the pagination icons, they personally do not feel like the signify “undo” and “redo” which has felt best represented by U-Turn arrows.