| Website with just Bricks Builder

My other website made with just Bricks Builder and no other addon. Feedback are most welcomed.

Bricks 1.9.2


Nice one, really like it! Are the animations Bricks only too?

Yes, everything is Bricks only

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Looks very good!
The font looks good in Chrome but take a look at the font rendering in FireFox.

Site look preaty good, if I was you, I would add hover effect on all clickable elements (header doesn’t have any, footer, tabs in section “We use different treatment modes depending on the assessment carried out”, and blog posts). And I will reconsider disable hover effect on the images - because they are interactive with sugesst (for me at least) that they are clickable.

Last one - I would add CTA in the footer. If someone get to the bottom of the page it sugest that they are interested, don’t ask them to scroll to the very begining (only there you have cta)

And maybe change homepage title and that picture with is showing now when you share a link. Without context it looks a bit like a page about home abuse

Thanks for the feedback, have considered your feedback and will make the required changes for the same.

Really terrific looking website. Uber professional. Can you tell me how you made this incredible moving images effect using Bricks?

Its made with position property and transform just to rotate it a bit.