Password Protected Pages

Hey All,

Disclaimer first this has nothing to do with Bricks Builder… I am here looking for some recommendations.

A client of mine, we have built a client resource center, as part of their website, they would like to have the pages password protected, however they would also like to have the ability to direct link pass the password protection from their service application, third party software…

The only plugin I can find that says that it claims to do everything I am asking for is The only issue I see with this plugin is that it requires the Pro plugin to work on Custom Post Types, and that comes with a hefty price tag, for something that seems like it should be fairly easy…

I’m curious if anyone else has experience with this or knows of other plugins worth consideration?

Thanks guys…

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Hi @RisynOne ,

I currently have the same question and wanted to ask you, if you have any news on this topic and what you have done finally?

We did end up going with PPWP for our password management system, and even though there was the price tag involved with that, it actually turned out to be a very nice plugin for our needs.

I was able to set up passwords at the category level pages, which instead of setting up as an archive template, the site was built using elementor, so I created pages, and included the posts element to displaying resources, which worked fine for us, because each of the resources are actually downloadable materials and not individual pages that also need rendering.

Once the individual pages were protected, PPWP also allows us to set up bypass urls, which worked great for our third party application, which already requires user login to access, to be able to set up links directly to the user levels determined resources. So each system can now link to each other while not being interrupted by a password request.

So in the end I can recommend PPWP. Hopefully this helps your project.

Thank you very much. For me it is too expensive, I just want to secure some pages of my own portfolio site with the option to send a magic link that unlocks all pages at once. Furthermore I do not want the users to get prompted on the new page, they should enter the password when clicking on the button/link. But 600$ for the lifetime deal is to expensive for that personal use case… @RisynOne