Page header template

How do you guys normally handle a page heading (h1 tag with dynamic post title, and some margins, etc) to be included in every page except the front page?

For now i have created a template and made it section type, and then manually drop it in to each page. Is there a better way?

to clarify:
Page heading = title of the page
Header = global header with logo and navigation

Create a template of type Heading.
In conditions set to entire website then exclude home page.

There is a type “Header” but not “heading”.

If I already have a global header for the logo/nav, that doesn’t work and replaces it (not sure how it determines which to use though for two conflicting conditions).

I guess you’d then make the header (nav) a section, and load it into two separate header type templates? One would have the page heading below it, and the other would not.

The advice from @alanj correct. You can create two templates, one template for the main page, and the second for all others.

If the design of the pages is not very different, and you just need to remove the h1 title from home page, then for this there are Comparison Conditions that can be added to the Title widget


Ok thanks, the individual element conditionals should work great.

Or depending on your site setup, you could add the heading/styling to a Single Post Template ( or multiples if needed ). Would at least save typing.

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