Option to edit attachment page/template

This would be nice to have as it adds option to edit attachment.php , so if you have an gallery (already there is an option “link to attachment page”) you can have nice looking portfolio websites.


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Is this possible in the newest version?

Still not possible as of v1.6…

Might be slightly off topic, but does anybody happen to know how to get the custom fields of a post via php into the attachment.php? Because of such stuff I wished it would work with templates in bricks

template condition :arrow_right: post type :arrow_right: media

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Wow thanks so much, yes, that works!

How can I create a template now and have it be the whole attachment page including the big image?

Add an image in the media template
choose dynamic data :arrow_right: {post_id}

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Wow yes its working! Thanks @WeLoVeBricKs!
@smokey test it as @WeLoVeBricKs described it.

tried the solution, seems not working anymore in

what I did: create a single template with the condition post_type/media, when visiting an attachment like foo.com/?attachment_id=123 only the original media file is loaded.

any idea?