Online store with beautiful interactions & animations

We created this stunning website Layout template using the following:

  • Bricks Builder
  • Core Framework

Calumma UI for Bricks Builder.
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People can view our templates and know the truth, also, our support is impeccable, seems as though you have just joined to troll us. Good for you, happy new year!


Agreed, I’m sorry to say Mike but I would not recommend Bricks Library to nobody, it’s just a bad product from the mobile first designs to the dimensions of the containers and the custom breakpoints.

Also, the support is very lacking, you can say whatever you wish, is your right, but I’ve tried your product and from what I can see, your product is the only one getting such negative reviews from customers in the bricks universe.

@DavidT had a reason to make an account just to tell people about your product, he is not trolling you, he is just unhappy with your services as are many, many others.

I’ve also read some posts in your Facebook Group, 4 of 5 posts are people with problems of your product and I’ve saw at least 2 people wondering about refound, If you think that’s a great product, think again.

I’ve also checked the above, looks good but it’s just a landing page, when the homepage is full of animations and the rest of the pages are just simply there, I don’t really see the point


Our support is lacking? I’d love to see an example, we work 7-day-a-week, around the clock, answering all emails and support tickets.

The only negative comments we got were when we switched to mobile-first, which in our opinion is for the better. A very small amount of our users just didn’t want us to move away from the default.

Not to get into a public spat here but, DavidT’s comment seems like a troll comment, how can he mock our Calumma UI template when the template is of great quality and the support is great, I’m not sure he’s even a customer of Calumma UI.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but, more often than not, people generally reach out on Facebook or email if they need support, and with the huge influx of Bricks Builder users, we get some of that custom also, the majority are newbies who aren’t familiar with Bricks yet, and the vast majority of support we’ve been dealing with is chaining of classes (which we’ve now added to our documentation). I never have to think if our products are good, I know they are, and so do many others.

Finally, above, the home page is a landing page correct, nobody wants their products floating around when they’re trying to shop - that is the reason the rest of the pages have very subtle animations, while the homepage does.

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Even though this post is/was about Calumma UI, here is some of Bricks Library’s Layouts to show our quality:

I am personally super proud of our work.


The shopping cart gives a 404 error.

are you sure /cart page exist check that ?

if not create it add the woocommerce shortcode to it or add woocommerce cart block or build the cart with bricks
mine is just default cart block.

Your theme library looks great. The use of colors, fonts, spacing are all really well done. I’m not sure why are people hating on it but I like the designs. Great work!


I would also suggest being cautious with using Calumma UI, especially since it’s from the same team behind Bricks Library. It’s not ideal to have two products that are essentially the same, and should be a red flag for anyone looking to purchase.

Hi, This is by design, the shopping cart is not included in the Layout.

Calumma UI has Cart Pages and Mini Carts.

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What are you talking about?

I run Bricks Library, which is not based on any framework.

Daniel Murray runs Calumma UI which is designed around Core Framework.

Both are different.

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Thanks for the feedback, we’re super proud of it too!

All other eCommerce templates for Calumma UI can be found here:

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Made another account? Joined 26 minutes ago? Lol

I would like to see evidence of us “taking days to respond”.

That’s your only response, he just joined and can’t be trusted.

As I’ve said, people join becouse they want to warn other people about your product.

You can say anything you want, it’s your right but most people know about your product, I can’t say nothing about Calumma UI as I haven’t tested it but as far as Bricks Library goes, It’s bad, very very bad.

You can check any other library for Bricks on Facebook, here, twiiter and so on, nobody gets such bad reviews as you and that is saying something.

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Pretty much, yeah. One minute into joining, they find this post just to say something negative, seems suspicious to me…

Bricks Library is not bad at all, the only bad reviews are about people not wanting to use the mobile-first approach. Anyway, more content from Bricks Library coming soon!

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