One click Theme Export and Import

Hi, you amazing people at Bricks.

I was playing around with the export-import features and noticed room for improvement.

I love that you can export template sets, however when it comes to importing there are too many steps involved for new installations

  1. Import template sets
  2. Import Bricks setting
  3. import Global styling
  4. import the template inside the page

What if we had a “one-click” import?

  1. Zip file containing 3 files (Bricks settings, Global styling, and template set zip) Maybe even the custom fonts.
  2. Import file and points 1,2 and three from above are done!

Maybe even give the option to export pages in the kit.

So the import process for “Noobs” can be as painless as possible.

This would Help Bricks reach users beyond the “nerds” like me and the rest of the community :slight_smile:

I am personally creating many template kits and making them available for download at ZERO cost, however, the import process is too much at the moment.

We will talk about third-party plugins another time :slight_smile:

I hope you will consider this idea.


you got my vote! and i need to write more :slight_smile:

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This is a great idea!


Good idea, so why not add it to the Ideas board so it gets considered?