Officially all-in on Bricks

First full site using Bricks is live and it’s been such a great experience:

I’m officially hooked. I used ACSS and it pairs wonderfully with Bricks. I have a good plugin stack but am still looking for the following if anyone has suggestions (I prefer lifetime purchase deals):
• Image optimisation
• Security

Thanks to the Bricks team for being so responsive on the Facebook page and here <3



Site is great. Just a small feedback:

I noticed when scrolling, the header became almost invisible in some parts.

It’s not a big issue on most part of the page but just fyi.


Ah thank you! That should not be happening, will check it out :smiley:

Sorry can you tell me what browser and operating system you’re using? :sweat_smile:

Sure! Windows 11 Pro / Google Chrome 122.0.6261.129

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VERY nicely done! Very nice color scheme and elegant animations without being excessive.

As for suggestions, I am a very huge fan of SEOPress Pro - their pricing is fair and it covers all the bases nicely including schema, OpenGraph socials, redirects, analytics tags, etc. Support, if you need it, is quick.

For security, my base is Wordfence (free version) which has done me well for the last few years.

For image optimization, I’m old school using for compression and resizing, then for conversion to WebP. There’s also a code snippet on Imran Siddiq’s Web Squadron FB group, written by Mark Harris, that converts any uploaded image to WebP. It’s very handy if I don’t want to do the Cloudconvert step.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions! Definitely checking all of those out, I want to make the move to webP asap :))

Nice, I like it. Well balanced color scheme. I may suggest one thing: the “Founder manager” section appears too often in the website, and you do not have many pages. Cheers!

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I agree! Unfortunately for this project I only built the site and had no say on the content :sweat_smile: - hopefully in Phase 2 we can tweak the content and flow a bit. Thanks for the feedback :grinning:

You’re welcome! If you are retroactively converting images that are already on the site to WebP you can “cheat” by using Shortpixel or Optimole. This will serve a WebP version if the browser supports it (obviously it should) and will fall back to jpg as needed.

Being old school myself, I’ll download the image from the site, optimize it, and then re-upload it. I use Enable Media Replace (Enable Media Replace – WordPress plugin | or Admin and Site Enhancements (ASE) (Admin and Site Enhancements (ASE) – WordPress plugin | so that the filename and link don’t change thereby not breaking images on the site.

Moving forward, you can add the code snippet to your blueprint site to ensure your uploaded images are all WebP post-optimization.

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I made a mistake earlier. The WebP conversion snippet I mentioned is actually on Imran’s YT channel, not FB. See:

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Aaaah this is awesome, thanks so much!! This snippet along with ASE and Enable Media Replace are the kinds of things that make life infinitely better! Have already updated my blueprint :muscle:

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That’s a great looking site, well done. =)
It’s clean, love the color scheme.

For SEO, SEOPress is hard to beat for the value/features and price.

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The site looks great! Really liking the animations, how did you set those up?

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Thank you! Have heard good stuff about it as well, gonna check it out :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It’s so simple in Bricks - select an element you want to animate and then click on the “Interactions” icon on the top right of the options palette on the left of your screen. It’s next to the “Conditions” icon. Then you just use the dropdown to go crazy! For a lot of these I use" Enter viewport > Start animation > FadeInUp/FadeIn" and made sure to select the “play only once” toggle so they don’t go crazy when users scroll up and down :slight_smile: I’m sure there’s also screenshots and better explanations if you search “Interactions” or “Animations” on here or or on Bricks Academy. Enjoy!

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Your footer mail and phone contact links are not working; they are showing the ACF dynamic data tags.

The links work properly on your contact page; if you are pulling the info dynamically there, just replicate it in the footer. If you are not pulling the info dynamically there, you are negating the dynamic setup in the footer because they will be out of sync if the info does change.

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Thank you so much! Obviously I need to render the front-end data dynamically, but NOT the actual link data :sweat_smile: Have updated, much appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: