NVASIA.my built with Bricks + Polylang

I had done this site for quite some time when Bricks was still 1.4.

Recently, I updated the site to 1.5.6, and everything works great.

Addons use:

  • MaxAddons(table element)
  • ACF
  • CPT
  • Polylang(FREE)

Any feedback is welcome. :grinning:


Great site :+1: how smooth was the integration of polylang? Did you have problems?

Thank you for your kind words!

There were no problems with it. The only thing is that when I translated a page, it was a blank page. I will need to copy and paste the entire content from the primary language page.

The rest was smooth. Quite happy with the progress of this site. :wink:

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I was looking for an answer to my question, where I ran into your website. It looks really good!

Quick question on Polylang, how did you do that with the templates? Did you translate them or work with conditions?? Please let me know, since I am running in some issues haha…

Hi! Thank you!

This website was built before the condition was implemented. I’ve updated it to 1.5.7(but still not using any conditions).
Templates - if you are referring to the header and footer, I just translated them as usual without any conditions.

Header, I created two menus(1st and 2nd language). Footer, I translated it as how I translated pages.
If you run into any issues, feel free to reach me, I will share it with you how I did for my site. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! I found the issue I was running into… : Polylang settings → Custom post types and taxonomies → Templates. I had this option disabled, so it was not working as it should haha. I am using conditions for certain elements, but I just have to keep in mind that Polylang also translates acf output… Therefor I switched to using numbers as values for fields with multiple values (i.e. ‘select’ or ‘radio button’). For True/False, I just translate True and False in the needed language and it works.

Thank again for the reply!

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