NO BUG: Woocommerce theme style (and any other woo stuffs) not working

Bricks Version: 1.6.2

Product listing with query builder
In theme styles not working the woo related options. I have to design it in add to cart button.

I overwritten the card buttons but it not working too.

I have made another bug post with woo-bricks styling problems.

Hi @simplecreative ,

Thanks for your time for reporting this.
I have replied you in the other forum thread.
There are no theme-style settings for the AJAX section settings as it’s only for Single Product add to cart button in 1.6.1

Thank you.


Thanks your answer, but i cant understand why. :smiley:

Why cant use ajax feature in query?

Hi @simplecreative ,

Because our implementation on the AJAX add to cart (1.6.1) is only targeting the Single Product Add to cart button. Bricks did not touch the looping product’s add to cart button, as WooCommerce handled it natively.

We will review again if Bricks should overwrite or enhance native Woo AJAX add to cart in the coming future :slightly_smiling_face: