NO BUG: Woocommerce template hooks work in template but not on proper page

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I’m creating several templates using the template hooks introduced in 1.7.

The hook for the cart template which displays woocommerce notices works correctly when viewing the template, but doesn’t display at all when viewing the proper page.

Any idea what can cause this ?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @webtools ,

Understand that you are creating the website in a local environment, appreciate if you could ecord a short video so that we can visually understand the issue?


Hey, sorry for the delay.

The first shot is from viewing the template :

The second shot is from the cart page itself. You’ll notice that the empty cart page is also using a template hook, and it is also not showing. I’ve put the hooks inside a code element with unwrapped box checked.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @webtools ,

Can you try to add at least 2 items and test if the notice is showing? Based on your screenshot, it seems like the cart is empty and it’s redirecting you to an empty cart page.

I’ve added several elements, unfortunately the hook doesn’t appear. I’ve put the hook inside a basic text element with unfortunately the same result.

Hi @webtools,

Sorry for the unclear message.
What I meant was to add at least 2 quantities of the product. Then deduct the quantity, click update cart button, and the message should appear.

Alternatively, kindly clone your local site to publicly accessible domain and send temp admin access to
(Please include this forum thread URL in your email as reference too)


email sent with access.

I’ve made a basic template and I still have the problem. Doing further testing, the “apply coupon” works and the hook is displayed correctly, so we can narrow the issue to the items quantity.

Hi @webtools ,

Thanks for the email.
As per my reply, the correct element for the {do_action} should be Rich Text or Basic Text element instead of Code element.
I am marking this thread as “NO BUG”.
Thank you.

Hey Jenn,

Thanks for your time on this.

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