NO BUG: Woocommerce Description Tab Missing

I am porting an existing website over to bricks 1.7.3.

On this site, I have woocommerce 7.7.0, with many variable products. I have created a bricks single product template for one of my product categories which works fine other than the woo tabs element. Strangely, the additional information and Reviews tabs are present, but the description tab is missing.

For the example link below, I have created the description using bricks, but I will say that the woo description tab was missing prior to creating the bricks section with the product description.

I don’t have any mods to functions.php that would impact the tabs to my knowledge

Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for your report!

I don’t think I quite understand the setup. How do you insert the description created with Bricks into the product tabs element?

Is the product description displayed when you add text to the “product description” wysiwyg field (in the edit screen of the product)?

Maybe you can also show and explain this to me briefly in a screencast.

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Hi @timmse,

For setup, I wanted more than basic text for product description, so I used the bricks editor and left the wysiwyg text area blank. (assuming this was the right approach)

In the bricks editor for that product, I have a single section, text, images,… basic stuff. When in preview mode, that product section looks correct, though of course without the surrounding template.

When not in preview mode, the bricks section nor the description tab is present. Inspecting the page, it’s not even just hidden. Not included at all.

So, to answer your 2nd question, I tried adding a few characters to the wocommerce description wysiwyg field on the product backend.

And what do you know, that text shows up on the product page when not in preview mode, and the description tab is now present. (Ignore the difference in review count. I experimented on a different product)

So, it appears the question for this thread is different. How do I use the woo tabs and have a formatted bricks section show up for the woocommerce tab description?

Aaaah now I see :bulb:

Short summary: If you have activated “Products” in the Bricks Post Type Settings, the Bricks tab appears with the Product Description field, which may be somewhat misleading.

You are not editing the actual product description, but the product post itself (you can see this when you look at the URL).

However, there is of course a way to insert Bricks content into the product description:

Create a section template and insert the template shortcode into the product description field. This assumes that the content that is output in the template comes from dynamic data.

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@timmse -
Got it, that makes sense. I had a suspicion that was the way to make it work. I am so used to modifying the description directly that I didn’t directly go to the more complex, though admittedly more scalable way first.

Question - since it doesn’t display, it may not matter, but is there value in deleting the bricks section data that I applied to those dozen products?

Yes, your database will be a bit cleaner and smaller :slight_smile:

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