NO BUG: Woocomerce product stock element not showing variables stock

Bricks Version: 1.5.7
Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows .
URL: Testprodukt – BYRK

When a product have several variable the stock element is wrong. It gets the value from inventory instead of the Stock quantity under each variant.

Also wish that I could style the variant more. Dont just a dropdown but clickable text or thumbnails with stocks behind.

Hi byrk,
Thanks so much for your report, and welcome to the forum!

If I understand the report correctly, you’re managing the stock for your variable product on the product level and the variation level? So the item stock is set to “0” or “out of stock” at the product level, but xx variations are available?

From my point of view, it would be either one or the other. For variable products, I would use the variation level. But maybe I have misunderstood stock management so far.

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yes ofc. I had it both on, my mistake :stuck_out_tongue: I got stuck in this loop. Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

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