NO BUG: Webp Express plugin not working Bricks Editor

Bricks Version: 1.5.7

If i use Webp Express plugin, the frontend working good, but the Bricks Editor in backend not loading, only show a full of white screen.

After i turned off Webp Express plugin, the editor working again.

Maybe I found the problem.
In the Webp Express options if set “The complete page…” option and not the Use content filtering, bricks editor not working.


Thanks so much for your report!

What information is hidden behind the question mark after “how to replace” ?
Does “use content filtering” have disadvantages compared to “complete page”?

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Hi! Timmse!

Here is the screenshot.

Hey, since the first option “Use content filtering hooks” is the recommended and preferred way, you should stick to it if it works. There are so many plugins available and it’s impossible to make Bricks compatible with every single one and especially with every single setting the plugins provide :smiley:

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Yes, i have written above, the content filtering hook option is working good. The second option is fully incomaptible with builder.

Thanks you time and support.