NO BUG: Vimeo video is not working in full width?

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
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I upload a video with 1920x1280px and is not fill the full width and how I remove the play button?
I’ve already tried changes all the bricks features.

Hi Lucas,
Thanks so much for your report!

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue. Would you be so kind as to provide a live link and a screencast using showing and explaining what’s happening?

Btw., you set the version to 1.7.3 - are you really using Bricks 1.7.3?

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Hi @timmse , tks for your reply!!!

Try to reproduce the issue, using this video:

And, I’m using the v1.9.5, but when I upload the bug, I forgot to change the tag.

The video is not publicly available…

@timmse, please try using this link: 35 Cartaz MCB 2

Can you just provide me with the live link to the website where the video is embedded? Then I can look into the code and probably tell you what the problem is.


Thank you! The problem is the aspect ratio of the video. The video element expects the video to be 16/9, but 1920x1280 doesn’t resolve to 16/9, but to 3/2, and therefore, the placement is wrong.

But you can easily adopt the video element to any aspect ratio:

1280/1920 * 100 = 66.666
/* (height / width) * 100 */

Add the following to the custom CSS of the video element:

%root% {
  padding-top: 66.666%;

Since we have no knowledge of what ratio the video has, we unfortunately cannot influence this as far as I can see.

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@timmse amazing!!!

Thanks for your help.

Do you know how can I remove the play button? There is no option at the Vimeo settings to remove the play button.

I want to use the videos like a gif preview.

Disabling the controls is currently not supported for vimeo videos, as it is restricted to paid plans as far as I can see (see “Player customization”):

@timmse My current plan is Vimeo plus

Presumably, very few users will have a paid plan. Nevertheless, the question arises as to how we can implement this, as we don’t know what kind of account is behind it based on the video id. Accordingly, the setting would be visible to everyone but not usable for everyone.

You are welcome to create an official feature request for this so that we can think about it in due course: