NO BUG: Very very strange template issue

This is a very strange issue…hopefully there is a simple solution that I’m just overlooking.

I have a template for my blog archive page. I have set the condition to use it for the specific page called Blog:

I have a page called for users to manage wishlists, containing only a shortcode for thre TI Wishlist plugin:

On the front end, when I visit the Blog page (, I see the blog posts (there is only one so far) and the template that I specified. So far, so good.

However, when I visit the wishlist page (, instead of the markup to let em manage wishlists, I see…the blog article and the template that I specified for the blog page!

This is so bizarre. Why is it happening?

When I visit that page, I see the wishlist content.

You’re right…It seems the problem only occurs for logged in users. Still very weird.

Hey Eric,

thanks for your report.

As David already stated everything looks fine “from the outside”. If you can provide us with some temporary credentials to your site we’re happy to help you investigating your issue regarding the logged in state. As usual please send those credentials to and include a link to this forum thread.




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Hey Eric,

as answered via ticket I was not able to reproduce your issue on a fresh local WordPress instance. So this seems to be more of a problem with your site’s setup than a Bricks bug.



Traced the problem to an issue with the plugin SS Ajax Tabs Settings.

Really looking forward to the ability to design the My Account page in Bricks!