NO BUG: Tooltips are overflowing the sidebar if too long

Just realized that if a tooltip is too long, it doesn’t break line but continues making it unreadable.

In my case this the Content panel of @BricksExtras’ Pro Slider. The sidebar is already stretched as far as possible.

Not sure if it’s a Bricks issue or BricksExtras, so I’ll tag @wplit along…

I’ll take 50% of the blame for this one :grin:

It doesn’t overflow because of the Bricks UI generally not allowing for it (not BricksExtras changing anything there), but… knowing this, we shouldn’t have tried to include so much text inside this specific tooltip.

Generally, I keep it short for this reason, (or just add the text as a description underneath if needs to be longer) we must have missed this one.


Hey guys,
As far as I know, we don’t have a tooltip that is so incredibly long. If you do, let me know :smiley:

Hi @timmse,

Shouldn’t there be a way to allow all Tooltips to simply overflow past the sidebar ? Or break-line and continue below ?

Tooltips can be really helpful to avoid wrong use of a field/function. I personally think sometimes Bricks builder lacks detailed enough information about what a specific element precisely does (can’t think of anything specific but I’ll try to find some cases I’ve stumbled across before). That would justify longer tooltips in general.