NO BUG: The website does not load correctly on mobile and does not load images without JavaScript, partly related to the caching plugin and with strange elements in the head, which is reported in Google Search Console

The website seems to do the following for a millisecond before it is fully loaded:

Loading my website ( (blogwebsite) incognito without JavaScript does not load part of the CSS. Pictures won’t load without JavaScript anyway. There are weird things in the head (like a div). Seems (partly) related to the caching plugin.

As a result, Google does not load the website properly on mobile and the website does not seem to be usable on mobile. (according to Google Search Console)

See attachment for screenshot:

Hi Jorn,
Thanks so much for your report!

I can’t see anything on your screenshot. Can you provide it in a much higher resolution?

Ps: I hereby award you the trophy for the longest post title :trophy: :smiley:

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I found a problem, its the fault of the plug-in: ‘‘LiteSpeed Cache’’. I turned it off and now its working again.

For now im trying to find out why its happening.

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