NO BUG: The lightbox does not display all images from the ACF gallery

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS

I’m having trouble displaying images from the ACF gallery in a lightbox. The images are not showing up as expected, and there is no option to include captions. Could you please help me resolve these issues and guide me on how to add captions to the images in the lightbox and the image gallery?

not sure if this is the problem, but you are linking to a Text element with a single link source, but are using a gallery? So you see the first image only? Is there a reason you aren’t using the gallery element in Bricks?

Hi Lucas,
Thanks so much for your report!

As DigitalAnchor said, you are linking to a single image, and there is no option to link to the entire gallery.

You could use the ACF gallery tag in a gallery element in a popup that opens when you click on „image“ to see the whole gallery or both images, which can then be opened in a lightbox if needed.

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Thanks guys for your help.
The idea from @timmse to use a popup works very well.