NO BUG: Template import (no images)

Bricks Version: 1.5.7
Browser: Edge 107.0.1418.52
OS: Windows 11

Remote Template URL:

When I import any of the templates and activate “import images”, only the structur and elements are importet, but no images. Its still black content where images should be. I just tried now with . I see that someone else had this issue too last summer, but nobody replied: How to import temoplates with all images and settings

Hi bricksy,
Thanks so much for your report!

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue. There might be one or the other missing image in some templates (I’ll check that soon), but overall it’s working fine:

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hi timmse,
Now its working fine, dont know what it was, maybe the other remote template address was in the cache, since when I put the remote template URL “” then there are no preview images and no imported images either. But it woks fine when I leave the remote templae URL empty with “”. Thanks for checking and clarifying.